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LA Public Library

April 11, 2002 9:39 AM

The Los Angeles Public Library. It's like Amazon, only it's free, with instant gratification not even Kozmo (may she rest in peace) could beat.

I happen to live within walking distance of the Richard J. Riordan Central Library. I know walking in this great city is an oxymoron, but such are the beauties of living downtown. 7 floors of knowledge only 7 blocks away. There's even a La Salsa across the street. I'd have a trifecta if Robeks moved from 4th street to 5th street. Right now, there's a ghastly hill known as Bunker separating them.

The best part though? You don't have to cart the books around for the rest of your life moving hither and yon. They take them back in 3 weeks!

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LA Public Library (04.11.2002)

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